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Our people love what they do.
They can be themselves here.
Together, we create positive change.

Our Culture


We deliver exceptional experiences for our clients, employees and community, where we commit to making a positive impact.

  • Determinedly insisting on living our values
  • Focusing on delivering outstanding performances and powerful results
  • Building a successful organisation that makes us all proud
  • Aspiring to do the best work of our lives

Our values are integral to everything we do

  • We role model kindness and compassion
  • Always acting with integrity and respect
  • We look after each other
  • We provide a supportive environment where everyone can thrive
  • Never tolerating any form of discrimination
  • Everyone is included and their contribution valued
Performance Driven
  • We commit to high standards and embrace a growth mindset
  • Operating with unrivalled pace and intensity
  • Every interaction matters
  • We find new ways to deliver stand-out experiences
  • Our mindset is a win-win for everyone
  • Together we create positive change
Our leadership team

We aspire to lead positive change


Simon Grosse

Chief Executive Officer


Simon Walker

Chief Evangelist


Tim Ebenezer

Managing Partner


Daragh Phelan

Chief Financial Officer


Richard Brinson

Group Director, Strategic Growth


Matt Taylor

Executive Director


Dan Ingham

Group Director, Client Operations


Laura Carey

Group Director, Business Operations


Paul Bevis

Chief Technology Officer


Pete Grosse

Chief People Officer


Ryan Smith

Chief Information Security Officer


Matt Pickford

Partner, Attack & Defend


Brad Warren

Partner, Respond & Recover


Jonathan Ashton

Partner, Cyber Architecture


Tom Hebbron

Partner, Identity


Nick Thatcher

Partner, Governance, Risk & Compliance


David Curran

Partner, Digital Change & Adoption


Tony Pimm

Partner, Modern Workplace


Hrayr Diloyan

Chief Data Officer


Charlee Lockhart

Partner, Product and Programme Delivery


Dave Martin

Partner, Project Management Office


Darren Rose

Partner, Managed Services


Manik Singh

Partner, Client Solutions


Stephen Jeffery

Partner, Cloud Engineering


Deborah Bruce

Partner, Client Relations


Will Bingham

Partner, Consulting & Operations


Fay Hawkins

Partner, Programme & Service Consulting


James Butler

Partner, Advisory


Kevin Yeo

Partner, Advisory


Garry McGill

Partner, Product & Programme Delivery


Eve Silveston-Maxey

Partner, Systems & Processes


Chris Campbell

Partner, Data & AI


Jason Khaksar​​​​

Non-Executive Director


Jolyon Latimer

Non-Executive Director

The FSP Experience

“Since joining in September 2021 I have been furthering my growth as a UX Designer as well as learning more about IT. The warm welcome and constant encouragement has been pushing me to go above and beyond. The FSP culture is amazing and I feel very lucky to be part of it. I am not afraid to reach out to anyone in the company and ask for help or advice. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with various projects and develop as an individual.”

Emile Braud – Graduate UX/UI Consultant

“Joining FSP has massively helped with my career development and identifying what I enjoy doing, and how I can sculpt my role around those passions. I have spent three years at FSP, and each year has been full of both personal and career growth.”

Rikesh Padhiar – Senior Support Consultant

“Shortly after completing my Cyber Security degree program, I joined FSP as an Information Security Analyst. I felt welcomed into the team and the company at large even before starting. My experience working in FSP has been very enriching. I am fortunate to be part of a very experienced team that has provided mentorship and training since I joined the company, and I’m pleased to say I was recently promoted to an Information Security Consultant role. I believe in the value of humanity, inclusivity, teamwork and achieving peak performance, all of which are the bedrock of the FSP ethos. This motivated me to join the company.”

Bamba Mbye – Information Security Consultant

“As a fresh graduate with little prior working experience, I have been entrusted with a high level of autonomy to work on various client work and internal improvement projects, whilst benefitting from ample support and guidance from the FSP family. These have all been positively challenging yet fulfilling learning experiences.”

James Culley – Associate M365 Consultant

When I joined FSP in 2015, there were around 30 people in the company. The core values were “Family, Success, Passion” and I was really surprised how these values weren’t just words. People were always taking care of each other and everyone was looking for both personal and company success. Nowadays, in 2022, we have grown, evolved and we are more than 100 people, but I still feel the same. Today’s core values and ethos are always present and that’s something I will always be proud of.

Jordi Fresnillo – Senior Developer

FSP have always made me feel welcome, even before I began my role. The interview and assessment day process were incredibly warm and hospitable, I felt completely myself. I first joined FSP as a Business Graduate and was fortunate enough to have found my place and interests in the Cyber Security team. The company was very positive and encouraging. I have also been offered training, assistance and mentorship to aid my knowledge and skills. This has enabled me to become a valuable member of the Cyber Security team.

Wetika Woramontri – Graduate Security Consultant

FSP really tries to help everyone get the best out of themselves and be the best they can be. The coaching support I have been offered has been phenomenal, from leadership advice to human performance! It’s special when an organisation is committed to developing you as a person and not just as an employee.

Paul Bevis – Partner, Cloud Engineering

FSP is different to other organisations, as it is such a warm and friendly place to be. This is shown by everyone in the company, making FSP a unique and great place to work, with maximum enthusiasm towards quality deliverables for the clients.

Hrayr Diloyan – Partner, Data & AI

“I am so grateful and thankful for the flexibility I have in my role at FSP. I can take my children to school each morning and be there for pick up too. I also feel extremely fortunate that I haven’t had to miss any of the important milestones – nativity plays, school assembly, etc. 

I really feel very lucky to work for such a flexible trusting company, where I can also continue to grow and thrive in my career.” 

Sarah Russell – HR & Workplace Manager

“I joined FSP in 2014, as a relatively junior developer, with just a couple of years of experience. Now, 8 years later I am a well-respected senior developer (I hope!). Leading a team of 15 in Barcelona to continuously deliver great solutions to our clients. Since the beginning, I have received a lot of support from senior members of the team and 1:1 mentoring, which has helped me to become the person who I am today. This has been instrumental for my learning and growth, and I really hope I can do the same for other people in the team.” 

Dani Corretja – Team Lead

“People first is the best way to describe FSP, you are genuinely supported and given opportunities to grow. Before joining, I’d heard about the culture at FSP, but it wasn’t until my first week, when I received an overwhelming amount of support from everybody across the business that I realised just how fantastic it was. This is still true a year later. FSP has created an environment where we are all trusted, valued, supported, and driven to be our best. Not only due to brilliant leadership, but because of all the excellent people that work here. I would without a doubt, recommend working at FSP and if you’re considering a role, I encourage you to reach out and experience the culture for yourself.” 

Jamie Fones – Cloud Engineer

Each of our employees has a unique story to tell

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We are committed to providing employees with an environment to thrive and succeed. 

Our passion for employee experience has led to us being ranked #1 on the Great Place® to Work UK Best Workplaces listings three times and being recognised as a ‘World Class’ workplace by Best Companies™ UK. 

Why our awards matter

3-Star World Class Workplace 2024


#1 Best Companies™ in the UK 2023

#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2023

#1 Best Companies™ in Tech 2023

3-Star World Class Workplace 2023


#1 Best Companies™ in the UK 2023 Q3

#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2023 Q3

#1 Best Companies™ in Tech 2023 Q3

#1 Best Companies™ in the UK 2023 Q2

#1 Best Companies™ in Tech 2023 Q2

#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2023 Q2

#1 Best Companies™ to work for in the UK 2023 Q1

Mid-sized category

#1 Best Companies™ in Tech 2023 Q1

#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2023 Q1

3-Star World Class Workplace 2022


UKs Top 5 Best Mid-Sized Companies 2022

Q4 & 2022 Overall

UKs Top 5 Best Companies™ in Tech 2022

Q4 & 2022 Overall

UKs Top 5 Best Companies™ in the South East 2022

Q4 & 2022 Overall

#1 Best Companies™ in Tech 2022 Q3

#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2022 Q3

UKs Top 5 Best Mid-Sized Companies 2022 Q3

#1 Best Companies™ to work for in Tech 2022 Q2

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#1 Best Companies™ in the South East 2022 Q2

Best Companies 2022 Q2 South East No.1

UKs Top 5 Best Mid-Sized Companies 2022 Q2


#1 Best Companies™ to Work for in the UK 2022 Q1

Mid-sized category

#1 Best Companies™ to Work for in Tech

#1 Best Companies™ to Work for in the South East

Megabuyte – Emerging 25

Best Performing Company – IT Consulting

Megabuyte – Emerging 25

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#1 Best Workplaces™ for Women 2021

#6 Great Place to Work UK

Best Workplaces™ (medium category)

#3 Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2021

#1 Great Place to Work UK 2020

Best Workplaces™(medium category)

Excellence in Wellbeing UK 2020-2021

#1 Best Workplaces™ for Women 2020

#1 Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2020

Great Place to Work Europe 2020

Best Workplaces™

#2 Great Place to Work UK 2018

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#4 Best Workplaces™ for Women 2018

#4 Great Place to Work Europe 2018

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#1 Great Place to Work UK 2017

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#3 Great Place to Work Europe 2017

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Great Place to Work UK 2016

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