Construction Engineering Company

2 mins 27 May 2022

FSP has been providing Data consulting and services to a leading UK construction engineering company.


The organisation recognised that they had significant volumes of data and that could, if appropriate harnessed, help them make better decisions about their projects to improve project delivery, health and safety as well as reducing the cost of their construction projects.


FSP help create a data strategy, that would act as the framework to enable the organisation to deliver business value through the application of data and analytics. This consisted of two main parts:

  • Foundations that focus on people, operating model, technology and architecture of the underpinning data platform, data management and data governance.
  • Data products that focus on the use of data assets via different interfaces and for various use cases.


This approach enabled the organisation to increase data maturity across the business but also deliver value to the business by implementing various data solutions, such as BI reports, reverse ETL solutions and many more.


  •  Improved data management approach across the full lifecycle of the data assets
  • Adaptable, scalable, cloud-based data platform that enables them to ingest, store, process and model data collected from various operating systems
  • Data Products that enable project teams to get powerful insight from data
  • Data analysis is centralised, providing a secure single source of truth, making it accessible to everyone in the business
  • Enhanced data literacy across the business