Defence Contractor

2 mins 19 April 2022

FSP has been providing cyber and threat management support to a Defence Contractor in the UK.

The Challenge

A Defence Contractor was impacted by a significant Cyber Attack. This cyber attack put them and their customers at risk of extortion. FSP were engaged when little was known about the threat, and when it had been established that a real attack had happened and that the impact on the business would be significant.

The Solution

Within 45 mins of notification, FSP made their response team available, and established a secure telecommunications channel with the customer. This team was led by FSP’s lead for incident response who has significant experience of dealing with similar challenges in large organisations. This approach ensured both the technical response as well as the business impact was effectively managed.


FSP response and capabilities allowed the Company to continue to do business and make the right decisions during this crisis situation.

  • Rapid response supporting both technical and organisational concerns
  • FSP provided the insight, technical expertise and tools to understand what had occurred, preventing further damage and containment of the situation
  • The organisation were able to call upon both expertise and capacity during a crisis – specifically drawing on capabilities that did not exist in internally

For organisations at threat of cyber attack, FSP provide the full range of skills required to ensure the right policies, processes and technology are in place to prevent attacks. In the case of a breach we can deploy the right team to provide your organisation assurance that your interests are being managed in the optimal manner.