Lara Al Dari – Graduate Business Consultant

2 min 17 February 2023

‘Companies would rather deal with numbers not people’ is a common theme I came across when I began my job search. Spending hours on end looking for a company that is the ‘right’ fit for me seemed far out of reach, until I came across “Why Work for FSP?” in the job description section of my university’s career page.

I noticed that FSP had a strong focus on human values which made it stand out to me, and I thought: This might be it…

Fast forward to September 2022, I joined FSP as a Graduate Business Consultant, and to say the company is the “right” fit for me would be an understatement!

Just 6 months in, and my journey has so far been incredible. I have had the opportunity to work with diverse clients and learn from their unique experiences and operations. I work alongside and learn from the best people in the industry who constantly give me positive challenges and push me outside of my comfort zone (which is where the magic happens!).

One of the highlights of my career so far, was the opportunity to host a panel discussion at the 2023 Company Kick Off. It was a fantastic experience as I interviewed our Data & AI team in front of 160 people consisting of clients, directors, colleagues and investors! The fact that FSP trusted a 21-year-old grad, fresh out of university with less than 6 months experience, to handle such a momentous event, shows that passion is valued. It is safe to say that I was an exceptional host, and more importantly, I have grown both professionally and personally with every opportunity I grasp at FSP.

The FSP Academy has been extremely supportive from day one and I have felt welcomed into the company culture from day one. With many performance workshops and sessions catered to grow my career, I regularly feel confident, connected, clear, and in control of my responsibilities.

My time at the company has been a wonderful learning experience, and I am proud to be part of such a dynamic and supportive company. I am excited to continue to grow and develop my skills, and I look forward to contributing to more of FSP’s successes in the future.